Why I Deleted All My Social Media Apps Minus 3

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So recently I made my decision to stop social media from Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Discord. I realized that those apps are toxic in their ways and I just didn’t have the mental capacity for it. So here are my reasons why I made that choice.

Instagram 📸: the endless scrolling on the app through photos and reels. I was starting to compare myself and my life to others. My mental health took a hit and I started to fall into depression. 

Tik Tok 🎥: I couldn’t anymore with the mindless scrolling. TikTok took a lot of my precious time away that I won’t get back.

Facebook 📱: I stopped using this app a while back. I only get on when I see a message from my family who lives in Cuba. Besides that, Facebook is boring to me and has lost my interest.

Discord 🤖: the hardest app for me to get off from. Recently that was the app I fully deleted including my account. Discord has become a huge distraction in connection with a mobile game that I am low-key addicted to which is also deleted from my phone. 
This app took up a lot of time more than any other above and it started to affect my relationship with my boyfriend and my family.

Snapchat 👻: I have to keep my streaks with my friends which is 6 of them. I am only on it at least twice a day and call it a day. Which means I am not there 24/7 scrolling like I was with the other app.

Pinterest: This is an app that I love being on when I am looking for inspiration like nails, and food. This app is my go-to for almost everything.

Now I downloaded Lemon8 and I am still getting a feel for it. I figured I’d give it a chance since I’m not always on here. My mental health is now improving and I am proud of myself and the things I’m starting to accomplish. My brain isn’t fogging up, I’m more focused on what I’m doing. 
This is just a reminder of how much social media can negatively impact you.

Now, if you see me posting on social media it all through a 3rd party app that I use called Metricool

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