How I Deal With Depression and Anxiety

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Hello there, I am back with another blog post but this one is more personal and it’s about my journey dealing with anxiety, depression, and ADHD. Now, if you are dealing with any of these, I hope this blog post will help you somehow. Even if it’s one person I help, that is amazing.

I would like to start by saying you are not alone, a lot of people deal with anxiety, depression undiagnosed ADHD, and PTSD. My journey and what I do may be different from others who are reading this post. I know how hard it feels and how many think that they are alone but they are not.


I’ve been journaling since I was a kid a.k.a my diary. As I got older, I didn’t journal as much until maybe my mid or late 20s entering my 30s. I enjoy journaling, there is something about grabbing a notebook and pen/pencil and writing about your day or your dreams. I did recently get on my phone and started journaling there. iPhone has a new app called Journal and I use it nearly every day to jot down things I’ve done that day. What I love about it, is that when you are stuck it gives you a journaling prompt that I do use every once in a while.


I started my therapy with my therapist in 2020 when so many things in my life were going on at once and I couldn’t cope. I lost my grandmother in Feb of 2020 and shortly after my dad had to go to the ER, and then my engagement with my long-term boyfriend ended and it was all going on at the same time as COVID-19 started. So given that all of that happened, I had to seek help. Thankfully I found the best therapist for me through BetterHelp at the time. A few years of using BetterHelp made me realize I couldn’t afford it anymore so switched to Grow Therapy thankfully the therapist I was seeing before was also there and up to this day, I still see her once or twice a month and I pay way less on Grow Therapy due to my insurance.

Working out

Working out has been a huge part of my life since I was honestly a kid. I always loved to dance, walk, lift weights (that was the only way I could gain some type of weight), swim, and play sports. I spoke in one of my last articles about working out and how good it is for your physical health but also your mental health. You can read about it here. I have a strict workout routine where that involves, going to the gym anywhere from 2 -3 times a week, and the rest I do at home or take the day off and do other things like writing blog posts, working on my YouTube content, and so on. If I fi do miss a gym day I replace it with other activities to get my blood flowing.

Getting Vitamin D

I love being outside when the day is beautiful. This can mean walking around my neighborhood, going to the national park and petting horses and then going for a walk, or lying down and soaking up the sun for 4 hours. When I know, that I won’t be getting a lot of sun, I do take a vitamin D pill since I am always deficient in Vitamin D but since I have been taking the pill and going outside more my level is normal.


When I am feeling down or anxious, I do a detox, meaning I start unfollowing people from social media or just delete the social media app as I have done many times. I steer clear of my cell phone. There have been times when I have forgotten my phone at home and don’t care if I do unless I am going to work.

I also do a detox drink that is easy to make and all you need is water and lemon. See simple.


Have you ever heard of when your space is cluttered so it’s your mind? Well, that is very true. Recently my boyfriend and I cleaned the room and my mind went from clutter to clean and I was able to think clearly. So doing this can help get you out of your brain and feel better.

Doing something artistic 

Last year, I got into Dimond painting and I have noticed how much fun it is. My mind is fully clear when I do this and I get lost doing it meaning that I am not thinking about anything else minus this beautiful masterpiece I am creating. I also like creating things like mugs, maps (yes I actually created a map), and so on.

Those are the things I do almost every day or twice a month. I find all these things help me one way or another. I hope this helps you. Please let me know what you do to get yourself out of a funk.

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